Maximum cybersecurity for SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) so that you can dedicate 100% of your efforts to your business


Protect your systems against vulnerabilities that can cause significant losses to your organization.


Continuous monitoring to keep your systems up to date, patched and protected.


Maximum protection against vulnerabilities to avoid and prevent security incidents.

Main benefits of ISOPH SME

  • Prevents losses due to cybersecurity incidents.
  • Facilitates the diagnosis of your equipment.
  • Proactively identifies and assesses vulnerabilities.
  • Easy and flexible because it adapts to your structure.
  • Reduces threat detection and containment time.
  • Real-time monitoring of vulnerabilities.

What is ISOPH SME and how does it work?

This service, based on our ISOPH technology, helps you to keep your systems up to date and patched. Continuous monitoring and periodic receipt of reports allows to know if there is any sign of vulnerability in the protected systems.

All information is managed through a simple and intuitive console that shows the security status in real time and allows taking measures to prevent incidents.

ISOPH SME performs a security function against vulnerabilities that may arise to extend protection to devices, remote users and distributed locations anywhere.

Why is ISOPH SME important for your business?

Because it proactively and efficiently identifies and assesses process dependent vulnerabilities and the security of systems and applications that are essential to support a robust business.

ISOPH SME helps customers manage their patch and security program and understand which cybersecurity risks require the most attention and receive practical guidance to best mitigate them. Maximum cybersecurity for SMEs.


  • Detect, assess and prioritize vulnerabilities.
  • Automate vulnerability analysis and its continous monitoring.
  • Automate reviews for Windows, Linux and Mac applications.
  • Strengthen Internet-oriented web servers.
  • Remove unauthorized software.
  • Administrate network connection point security configurations.

ISOPH SME features:

  • Easy to use: downloading ISOPH is simple and requires only a few clicks to scan your entire device.
  • Advanced detection: Proactively identifies and assesses vulnerabilities.
  • Complete visibility: identifies vulnerabilities that need attention with accurate, high-speed scanning.
  • Security prioritization: helps to fine-tune the overall patch and security management program and understand which cybersecurity risks require the most attention.

What are the consequences of not anticipating a security incident?

Cybersecurity incidents are becoming more and more frequent in all sectors and the consequences are very serious for companies. From high economic losses, problems with data protection and confidentiality of third parties and, above all, seriously affecting the image and reputation of the affected company.


Maximum protection.
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