The solution you need to protect your files and increase the security of your files against today’s threats


Protect your files and company information in the face of the rapid increase in attacks on business infrastructures.


A “digital fingerprint” that continually compares your files and detects any changes or unauthorized access.


ISOPH FIM resolves 99.9% of these types of attacks, maintaining system integrity and offering maximum security.

Main benefits of

  • Detect variations in your files and operating system records.
  • Continuous monitoring to anticipate attacks and security breaches.
  • Cloud service that reduces costs and implementation times.
  • Required to comply with ISO 27001, 27002 and PCI DSS.

What is ISOPH FIM and how does it work?

ISOPH FIM (File Integrity Monitoring) is a cloud technology that performs continuous monitoring of our files which allows us to know if they have suffered any unauthorized and unexpected changes.

This file integrity scanner allows organizations to anticipate and prevent potential attacks and security breaches.

ISOPH FIM is a fully customized state-of-the-art technology that monitors file integrity, helping to prevent and anticipate security incidents and identifying errors that could expose an organization to a cyber attack. A solution that can be adapted to different needs and markets and that increases security against today’s continuous threats.

Why is ISOPH FIM important for your business?

FIM detects variations in the files and operating system logs, which allows us to foresee and detect possible security breaches. In addition, it is a mandatory requirement to comply with ISO 27001, FIM 27002 and PCI DSS. It also keeps your company’s confidential data (customers, employees, documents, etc.) secure and ensure that they have not been altered.


  • Quickly detect unauthorized changes or unauthorized access to your files.
  • Prevent attacks and security breaches.
  • Maximizing the security of your corporate information.

Characteristics of ISOPH FIM:

  • Control: It continuously monitors the files and reports any unauthorized or unexpected changes that may occur.
  • Surveillance: Monitors file integrity.
  • Anticipation: anticipate possible security incidents that could have serious consequences for the company.
  • Fingerprinting: if the organization suffers a cybersecurity incident, ISOPH FIM lets you know which files have been changed and which ones may have been injected with malware, by checking file permissions and file modifications.

What are the consequences of not anticipating a security incident?

The many negative effects of security-related incidents must be taken into account, from the financial ones a cybersecurity problem can mean the blocking of a service for a certain period of time to those that directly affect the brand image and reputation of the affected company, as well as the confidence of its customers.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows: Windows 7 64 bits, Windows 8 64 bits, Windows 8.1 64 bits, Windows 10 64 bits, Home 64 bits, Pro 64 bits, Pro Education 64 bits, Education 64 bits, Pro for Workstations 64 bits, Enterprise 64 bits.

Linux: CentOS 7 64 bits, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04.

*It does not support any 32-bit architecture and Windows Vista.

Monitor your files to prevent attacks and security breaches.
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