Maximum protection for your Android device against unauthorized access, data destruction, malicious code and cyber sabotage


Protecting your Android device from security incidents.


Cutting-edge technology that detects vulnerabilities and the most sophisticated.


Maximum security for your Android device to prevent financial and reputational losses.

Main benefits of ISOPH Mobile

  • Continuously detects vulnerabilities and the most sophisticated threats on your devices.
  • Indispensable service for the protection of corporate devices.
  • Avoid economic and reputation losses due to security incidents.

Next release of ISOPH MOBILE available on March 31st.

What is ISOPH MOBILE and how does it work?

ISOPH MOBILE offers maximum security for Android devices.

Cutting-edge technology that performs a quick in-depth analysis of your Android devices and lets you know if the terminal has been exposed to any type of vulnerability or threat. A must-have service available in three versions: FREE, ENTERPRISE and EXECUTIVE.

In-depth analysis of your device that lets you know if it has been exposed to an attack or vulnerability so you can take appropriate measures to prevent future incidents.

Detailed analysis of a number of devices to determine their security status based on a risk scale so that you can implement measures to increase their security.

Continuous service of the security status of your organization’s devices that provides you with malware experts to solve any incident or vulnerability at maximum speed.

This cutting-edge technology combined with a team of international experts in forensic analysis, offers the maximum information on the type of malware, its origin and how it entered the device, allowing the necessary precautionary measures to be taken to prevent future attacks that may affect the organization, both economically and in terms of reputation.

Why is ISOPH MOBILE important for your business?

Phones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives and store large amounts of data, both personal and corporate.

Unwanted access to your Android device can be a serious business problem.


  • Protect your corporate terminals and your business.
  • To know if any of the enterprise devices have been exposed to any attack or vulnerability.
  • Having a secure device and preventing unauthorized access.
  • Have a security shield for your device.

Characteristics of ISOPH MOBILE:

  • In-depth study: Performs a detailed study of the device to detect if it has been, or is exposed to any vulnerability or security incident.
  • Maximum protection: Against unauthorized access, malicious code incidents, leakage of confidential documents, computer sabotage, data destruction, fraud…
  • Adaptability: Different plans that adapt to the needs of your organization.
  • Innovation: Technology that tracks the most sophisticated malware that often goes undetected by the most common protection systems.

What are the consequences of a cybersecurity incident?

Any cybersecurity incident can be a serious problem for the organization, causing serious economic, image and reputational consequences.

Maximum security for your Android terminals.
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