360º proactive cyber threat detection service


Early awareness of external threats and potential compromised information.


Technology that provides SOCs and MSSPs with 360° proactive cyber threat detection capabilities.


ISOPH Intelligence boosts threat detection capabilities.

Main benefits of ISOPH Intelligence

  • 24×7 early warning service.
  • It covers all areas of threat detection: domain protection, cyberthreats, fraud and brand protection.
  • Cutting-edge technology monitored by a team with extensive expertise.
  • Subscription by modules.

What is ISOPH Intelligence and how does it work?

ISOPH Intelligence is based on a 24×7 alert delivery service supported by a wide set of advanced cyber intelligence tools developed specifically for threat detection, as well as a specialized team with extensive experience, which analyzes and monitors different sources of information, with the objective of detecting new dangers in real time.

All the information in real time in our detection portal.

why is ISOPH Intelligence important for your business?

Nowadays, it is essential to know in time the external threats, as well as the possible information that could already be compromised in an entity.

It is a key element for the protection of an organization’s information and reputation.

Use ISOPH Intelligence to:

  • Domain protection: detection of phishing, cybersquatting, malicious mobile applications or unofficial marketplaces.
  • Brand protection: monitoring of potential threats aimed at compromising credentials, information leaks, brand misuse and VIP profiles of the organization.
  • Fraud protection: minimize exposure to mule accounts, compromised cards and insider attacks.
  • Malware protection: proactive monitoring of sophisticated threats and attack vectors.

ISOPH Intelligence features:

  • 360° coverage: Complete coverage of all areas of cyberintelligence.
  • Detection: high detection rates.
  • Low rate of FN and FP.
  • Service: It does not require specialized personnel or infrastructure.
  • Top-notch team: team with extensive expertise and knowledge of the fraud ecosystem.
  • Flexibility: contracting by modules according to the needs of each client.
  • Location: PLN in various alphabets and honeypots distributed in several countries.

What are the consequences of not anticipating a security incident?

Cybersecurity has gained great prominence in recent years and has become essential because a cybersecurity incident can lead to the partial or total paralysis of a company, with the economic cost it entails, and can have serious consequences for its image, also affecting the confidence of its customers.

24×7 proactive cyber threat detection service
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