Enjoy secure and reliable browsing with ISOPH DNS and forget about phishing, ransomware and fraudulent sites


Protect the navigation of your corporate computers


Algorithms and Machine Learning at the service of your browsing security


Ensures secure browsing and protects your data and devices

Main benefits of

  • Ad-hoc security for your navigation.
  • Prevents falls and service interruptions.
  • PLN technology to automatically detect unknown phishing.
  • An excellent filter that, through algorithms and machine learning, blocks. phishing, viruses, malware and other harmful threats with ease.
  • Protects the Internet experience by keeping malicious content away from your network.
  • Advanced web security shield.

What is ISOPH DNS and how does it work?

ISOPH DNS (Domain Name System) Protection is a cloud technology that, using artificial intelligence systems, proprietary intelligence sources and the most advanced data science algorithms, monitors in real time the communications of your systems by blocking the main threats and hacking techniques.

A technology that, each time you enter a URL, prevents access to certain web pages or IP addresses that appear suspicious, ensuring safe browsing.

A job that lets you know if the page you want to visit is fraudulent, blacklisted or has homogeneous content.


The system makes a request against a domain.

Redirección a
IP segura

ISOPH DNS consults BOTECH’s own intelligence sources.

Bloqueo de

ISOPH performs a filtering associated with risk scoring by type of customer and infrastructure.

DNS monitorea
dirección de IP

The system is protected at the perimeter level.

Why is ISOPH DNS important for your business?

Because it ensures safe browsing, protects your data and helps protect your Internet experience by keeping malicious content away from your network.


  • Prevent phishing, ransomware and downtime and interruptions of your services.
  • Navigate safely.
  • Have full control of navigation behaviors.
  • Having an advanced web security shield in place.

Characteristics of ISOPH DNS:

  • Customization: Fully customized technology.
  • Savings: Competitive pricing.
  • Adaptability: Adaptable to different markets and today’s major threats.
  • Innovation: Blacklists and automatic intelligence based on machine learning. technology and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

What are the consequences of a cybersecurity incident?

In addition to the image and reputation consequences, financial consequences must also be taken into account, as a cybersecurity incident can lead to the blocking of a service for a certain period of time.

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